Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm Baaaacccckk

First post in a long time. Had been so busy with work, training, school, certifications, etc but hopefully I will be able to having something new here often!

Since my last post I completed my AS in Business, received a certification in Sports Nutrition, certification in Group Fitness, became certified in R.I.P.P.E.D. (a group fitness format) and started a coaching endeavor with Mom’s on the Run. Also took courses in running injuries and heart rate training. I have been learning a lot!!

I have also been completing a lot of race events. My running goals for 2015 is to run 100+ miles per month (did it all of 2014) and do at least one race event in every month, with a total of 30+ for 2015.
In the coming weeks and months I hope to share with you all information to help you in your fitness and running goals, as well as, write review of the events I participate in. Maybe even some product reviews: shoes and accessories mostly.

I’ll just begin this with a list of the events I have and will do for 2015. Later I will give some reviews on my experiences with the ones I have already done. 2014 was my year of endurance and it seems 2015 is my year of variety. Planning ahead I am hoping to make 2016 my year of speed!
And the list of events for 2015:
Ø  Polar Dash 5k                                               January 1st                       Minneapolis, MN
Ø  Fight for Air Climb                                       February 21st                   Minneapolis, MN
Ø  Life Time Indoor Triathlon                         March 1st                         Maple Grove, MN
Ø  Survivor Mud Run                                       March 7th                          Mesa, AZ
Ø  St Paul Irish Run 8K                                     March 22nd                       St Paul, MN
Ø  Gopher Run 10 Miler                                  April 11th                          Minneapolis, MN
Ø  Hot Chocolate 15K                                       April 18th                          Minneapolis, MN
Ø  Go Spring! Trail Run 5K                              May 2nd                             Maplewood, MN
Ø  Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon             May 3rd                             Wayzata, MN
Ø  Fargo 5K                                                        May 8th                              Fargo, ND
Ø  Fargo 10K                                                      May 9th                              Fargo, ND
Ø  Birdtown 8K                                                  May 16th                           Robbinsdale, MN
Ø  Esprit de She Duathlon                              May 17th                           Lakeville, MN
Ø  OZ Run Half Marathon                               May 23rd                           Chippewa Falls, WI
Ø  Minneapolis Marathon Relay                   May 31st                           Minneapolis, MN
Ø  Lola’s Half Marathon                                  June 6th                             Waconia, MN
Ø  Running Wild Trail Run 7K                         June 13th                           Pelican Rapids, MN
Ø  Spartan Sprint                                              June 27th                           Welch, MN
Ø  Stars & Stripes 5K                               July 4th                              Wichita, KS
Ø  Warrior Dash                                               July 11th                            Hastings, MN
Ø  Ragnar Relay                                                August 14th & 15th              MN/WI
Ø  Women Rock 2.5K                                       August 28th                       St Paul, MN
Ø  Women Rock 10K                                        August 29th                       St Paul, MN
Ø  Women Rock 5K                                          August 29th                       St Paul, MN
Ø  Women Run the Cities 5K                          September 27th               Minneapolis, MN
Ø  Twin Cities 10k                                             October 3rd                       St Paul, MN
Ø  Twin Cities 5K                                               October 3rd                       St Paul, MN
Ø  Twin Cities 10 Mile                                      October 4th                       Mpls to St Paul, MN
Ø  St Paul Turkey Trot 10K                              November 26th                St Paul, MN 

There may be a few more sprinkled in there. I plan to do a 4th half marathon that I am still deciding on and I still need to sign up for a December race but as you can see my race calendar is pretty full!
Let me know if you are going to be attending any of these runs, we’ll meet up!

For now I hope you have are having an awesome Memorial weekend and I’ll be back SOON!

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